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Footage of Ezra Miller’s Bizarre Hawaii Arrest Surfaces Online

Ezra Miller’s DC future after The Flash is still unknown, but this latest video appearance probably won’t pay her any credit.

In recent months, Ezra Miller has been in the news a number of times for a series of riots in Hawaii that ended with The flash star is arrested on two separate occasions. Things have been pretty quiet since Miller appeared in court to answer charges of disorderly conduct and harassment, which resulted from an altercation at a local bar, in which Miller allegedly lunged at a customer and grabbed a microphone from another. who was singing karaoke at the time. Now TMZ has shared footage taken from the bodycam of officers who arrested the star who contributed to the strange incident.


Miller sees the images agitated about his arrest. The video opens with a conversation between the officers and the others involved in the incident, who claim Miller spat at them, before trying to evade Miller while claiming they were the one who was attacked at a nearby bar. Miller would say, “I’ve been attacked in this bar twice in a row. I film myself being attacked for NFT crypto art.” The actor then demands the name and license plate number from the officers, claiming that one of the people in the bar “declared himself a Nazi, I got it on film and he attacked me”.

The footage ends when Miller is searched and has a ring that appears to be based on: The flash taken from them. The video was published on TMZ and spreads on social media.

The original incident left many wondering if the actor could continue in their upcoming movie role of The flash after the arrest, but at the time, Warner Bros. that they had no plans to make changes to: The flash film despite fans calling for Miller to be replaced with Grant Gustin from the TV series based on the character.

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Miller caused more trouble for himself with a second arrest

In the month after their arrest, Miller is said to have been arrested again in another incident in Hawaii, just days before they were due to appear in court to answer the original charges. This time, after a disagreement, Miller allegedly threw a chair at a woman. It was then revealed that during their time in Hawaii, the police had received about 10 calls related to the star’s behavior.

Miller will still appear in The flashthe first solo film with the Justice League‘s Barry Allen, which will also feature the DCEU multiverse and the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman. The film was originally set to arrive in November this year, but, apart from Miller’s recent misdemeanors, Warner Bros. the shuffle of their DC movies the movie will drop back to a June 2023 release date. Although there have been no real discussions about where Barry Allen will go next The flashit’s possible that their actions over the past few months could affect where their DC future as the character lies.

Ezra Miller as The Flash

The Flash: Should DC Ezra Miller Rearrange and Move On?

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