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Wendy Williams Wants to Have a Little Chat with Sherri Shepherd

Williams wants a meeting as Shepherd prepares for a new show in Williams’ timeslot.

Former radio shock jock and talk show host Wendy Williams has been through a string of personal battles lately and clearly doesn’t go down without a fight. In fact, she claims she only has $2 to her name due to a frozen bank account and relies on financial help from friends, all because Wells Fargo believes the Jersey resident may need custody of her accounts. The controversial 57-year-old divorcee faces ongoing health problems and saw the cancellation of her talk show after a round of guest hosts took her place until her return.

The return never happened. In fact, one of those guest hosts, Sherri Shepherd, is now in the enviable position of taking Williams’ time slot with her own new daytime series of the same name. Sherry


Not only did Williams say she doesn’t plan to watch Sherrybut she wants to meet her too following the TV personality’s calls for thoughts and prayers for Williams. Lashawn Thomas, Williams’ attorney, told… ET

“Wendy asking to sit down with Sherri for a meeting of the minds is the perfect solution, as she has no ill will or intentions. Wendy is preparing to get her show moving again.”

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What is the meeting about, with one show ending and the other premiering?

It all started when Williams was asked by Fat Joe on Instagram Live if she’d be watching Shepherd’s show this fall. Williams responded:

“I like her, but I won’t look at her because I know what she’s going to do and that’s really not my thing. Anyway, I love being on my own show and I love that people love to watch it.”

The next day, Shepherd responded to Williams’ comments about her takeover of her dayslot during a private Instagram Live:

“I’ve heard Wendy say she won’t be watching me on the new show and that’s okay. You know, I get it. I wasn’t made for Wendy. She’s been through a lot. I’d say everyone for Wendy now should pray. I’m really worried about her because I don’t feel like there’s anyone out there protecting her.”

During Williams’ conversations with Fat Joe, the rapper asked if she decided to take a break, if she just got up and left her show voluntarily or was it a takeover? Williams replied that someone stopped giving her money and American Express.


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