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Where Should the Live-Action Show Take Place?

Nothing is true, everything is allowed… even television shows. The global phenomenon known as Assassin’s Creed been around for nearly a decade and a half now, and the franchise is finally set to make an effort to create a live-action TV show about the series. Fans of the franchise have wanted a true live-action adaptation of the video game since the first game. Their feelings were only heightened by the horrendous live-action reviews Assassin’s Creed movie released in 2016. Thankfully, fans were rewarded for their patience, and it looks like they’ll finally see a TV show that does the franchise justice.


That said, there are a few questions in the air about how the series will fare. After all, there is no guarantee that the show will be successful and that fans will embrace it (the Halo series currently proves that), and everyone remembers how poorly the live-action movie was received. Nevertheless, the hype for the show is high and will only grow in the coming months as audiences begin to learn more about what to expect from the series.

But one question on everyone’s mind is where the live-action show will take place? Obviously there must be bits in the present day where the protagonist enters the Animus. Yet there are literally endless possibilities of places and times in history where the series could be set?

Established place and time of the franchiseAssassins creed live action setting preset cropped

To be clear, we take the literally limitless amount of possibilities for the place/time of the show and break them down into two categories. The first is that the show takes place in a place/time that Assassin’s Creed has visited before in the games. The franchise has released more than a dozen different games over the past year and a half, and they have taken place in about twenty different historical time periods. The list includes ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, the American Revolutionary War, the London Industrial Revolution, and the pirate era of the Caribbean. While it’s only logical that some of these games/periods have been better received than others, there’s no denying that setting up a television show in one of the already established Assassin’s Creed settings would inherently attract longtime fans of the franchise.

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After all, some protagonists and characters were so loved (or hated if they were villains) that fans were dying to get more material from them. What Assassin’s Creed fan wouldn’t love to see a live-action version of Ezio, Bayek or Edward? Admittedly, those three specific characters mapped out their histories pretty well throughout the games, so maybe it could be a way to focus around a character that didn’t get as much attention in the games, like exploring more of Connor. or the life of the Frye twins

Having said all that, it is common knowledge that video game franchises have not historically transitioned well to other mediums such as television and movies, and Assassin’s Creed could run into the same problem. If the show’s creators decide to focus on an established character, but end up straying too far from established lore, the franchise’s longtime fans might not take it too kindly.

Pristine places and timesAssassins Creed live action setting unknown setting Cropped

If the first option was a show at a place/time that Assassin’s Creed already explored, then the only logical second option would be to do a show at a place/time that has not yet been touched. There are benefits and pitfalls to this option, and it will ultimately be the creators’ choice as to how they want to handle the situation, but neither the benefits nor the pitfalls outweigh the others.

The benefits of this option are that the franchise gets a new piece of history to work with and not have to worry about messing with the franchise’s lore or established characters (all things fans of the franchise love to hear). Another benefit is that it would allow the franchise to explore a place/time that fans have been asking for in the games and have yet to receive. The most popular option would probably be Feudal Japan, as fans of the series have been dying to play as Ninja Assassins for years. Still, there are plenty of other options – Mesoamerica, American Civil War, Ancient Rome, etc. – all of which would be viable choices.

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The only real pitfalls of doing a show in an unfamiliar setting/time period is that the creators don’t know how fans will react to the brand new material. Some may argue that that’s a good thing and gives them more creative freedom. But all one has to do is look at the failure of the Assassin’s Creed live action movie in 2016 (in which they explored an undetermined setting/time period) to know it’s definitely not a guaranteed move. Nevertheless, where the Assassin’s Creed live-action show finally takes place, it’s safe to say the audience can’t wait to see where it will be.

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