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Young Rock Gets Renewed for Season 3 at NBC

The Rock is coming back to NBC. It has just announced that the biographical sitcom young rock has been officially renewed for a third season with the network, guaranteeing more of Dwayne Johnson’s story will be told. The network also revamped the shows Big Crew and American carseach for a second season, while canceling Mr Mayor and kenan† NBC also continues with George Lopez’s sitcom Lopez vs. Lopez as well as a Quantum Leap Restart.

Created by Nahnatchka Khan and Jeff Chiang, young rock is inspired by the real life of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the years before he became the world’s most popular movie star. It is set in three separate time periods, detailing Johnson’s early childhood, his teenage years, and his college days. A fictional future is also envisioned with Johnson as the presidential candidate, essentially as the narrator who tells the stories of his life through flashbacks.


Adrian Groulx, Bradly Constant and Uli Latukefu play Dwayne Johnson at different ages. The series also stars Stacey Leilua as mother Ata, Joseph Lee Anderson as father Rocky Johnson, Ana Tuisila as grandmother Lia Maivia and Matthew Willig as Andre the Giant, a friend and mentor of 10-year-old Dwayne.

Several wrestling personalities have also appeared on the series as Johnson grew up in a family of professional wrestlers. This includes notable stars like The Iron Sheik (Brett Azar), Randy Savage (Kevin Makely), Sgt. Slaughter (Wayne Mattei), Mean Gene Okerlund (Dave T. Koenig), Ric Flair (Matthew Farrelly), Roddy Piper (Jade Drane), and Vince McMahon (Adam Ray).

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Young Rock Explores Different Periods in Dwayne Johnson’s Life

Khan previously talked about why the series needed to be told in multiple time periods. From early childhood, Johnson has had quite a remarkable life, and Khan didn’t feel like it was worth skipping. Exploring these different time periods allows more of Johnson’s backstory to be explored, even if needed young rock different from your traditional biopic. As Khan told Deadline last year:

“He’s had such a great life that to me telling a linear story is a bit of a disservice. I actually wanted to jump around [in time]and he has the experience to justify it.”

She added: “He’s one of those famous people on the planet. Even if you don’t know that much about Dwayne Johnson, a lot of people have a cursory knowledge of who he is and what he’s done. But there’s so much that people don’t “know how he got to where he is today. I think that’s what we want to explore… the surprising moments and the times when it was really hard for him and his family.”

There’s more to come with a third season. You can watch new episodes of young rock Tuesday on NBC. The season finale will be on May 24. There is no premiere date for season 3 yet.


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