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The Sandman Image Offers Latest Look at Tom Sturridge as Morpheus

It feels like we’ve been waiting decades for a live-action adaptation of the sandman† And that’s because we have. Thankfully, the long-awaited project is finally happening courtesy of Netflix, and the EW Summer Example has given us our final look at actor Tom Sturridge as the title character, who also goes by Morpheus.

Along with the new image, which shows Sturridge dressed entirely in black and holding his precious Dream Helm, a mask-like item forged from a god’s spine and skull, and one of his three symbols of power, both creator Neil Gaiman and star Tom have Sturridge has provided some insight into the role of The sandman. “I think I’ve personally seen 1,500 Morpheus auditions,” said Gaiman. “I hesitate to imagine how much [casting director] Lucinda Syson and her team saw it.” He added: “After seeing all those other auditions, we could go to Netflix and say, ‘It’s Tom,’ We know it’s Tom.'”


Sturridge fully understood the lengthy audition process, with the actor revealing his love for the character and his hopes of making such a legacy come true. “It was absolutely necessary, because this is a character that is so loved – more than anyone else with me,” said the actor. “That requires you to spend time with a human to find out if they can fulfill the dream you have about who he is.”

He adds, “I think The Sandman permeates the culture. Even the name Morpheus, King of Dreams, kind of haunted me in my youth.” Haunted or not, this latest image shows once again how well-suited Sturridge is to the role, with the actor bearing a striking resemblance to his comic book counterpart.

the sandman Got the kind of budget that dreams are made of?

Netflix’s the sandman series will be based on author Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed comic book series. the sandman Originally ran for 75 issues from 1989-1996, it follows the protagonist Dream, aka Morpheus (among other names), a conceptual entity struggling with its place in the universe.

The series will be set in 1916, when Morpheus, the King of Dreams and one of the Seven Endless, is caught up in an occult ritual. After being held captive for 105 years, he escapes and sets out to restore order to his kingdom of Dreams. Several studios have spent years trying to bring the riveting epic to life, with the development of a possible adaptation 25 years in the making.

Netflix is ​​clearly serious about making the best version of the sandman possibly, with the streaming giant bringing in a reported $15 million per episode.

the sandman has amassed a great cast alongside Tom Sturridge, including Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones), Vivienne Acheampong (the witches), Boyd Holbrook (Logan), Charles Dance (Gosford Park, Game of Thrones), Asim Chaudhry (People just don’t do anything), Sanjeev Bhaskar (Yesterday), Kirby Howell Baptiste (Cruella), and Jenna Coleman (The snake

the sandman is expected to hit Netflix later this year.

Gwendoline Christie's Lucifer Revealed in The Sandman First Look

Gwendoline Christie’s Lucifer Revealed in The Sandman First Look

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