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A League of Their Own Reboot Images Show Off the New Rockford Peaches

Amazon Prime’s A League of Their Own reboot is expected in the coming months and the first images of the series have been released.

Prime Video is coming Your own competition reboot has yet to receive a release date on the streaming platform, but a newly released image has given us a first look at the Rockford Peaches in their team kit. While the series isn’t the first time the 1992 baseball movie has been brought to the small screen, there’s a lot of expectation that this version will last longer than its ill-fated predecessor, which was released almost immediately after the movie, but it doesn’t even work. to air the final episode, instead it gets canceled and removed from the schedules after only five episodes.

Your own competition originally featured an all-star cast of Tom Hanks, Madonna, Geena Davis, and Lori Petty and told the story of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League in the 1940s. The new adaptation was created by Will Graham and Abbi Jacobson, who also star in the series, with other cast members including Nick Offerman, Lil Frex, Kate Berlant, D’Arcy Carden and Molly Ephraim. While many recent reboots have become sequels or have some connection with their previous iterations, the new Your own competition will be completely self-contained and also expands its story to really look at LGBTQ+ and race issues of the time in its plot.


The new images of Your own competition were divided by Weekly entertainment, showing the new cast in some of the first images released from the upcoming show. You can view the images below.

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Owning a competition will tackle many social problems

Despite it being a comedy, Your own competition will cover some tough topics over the course of the series, and as Will Graham said Weekly entertainment, the biggest challenge was making sure the comedy still shined despite some of the heavy issues discussed in the film. He said:

“Each of the women we spoke to and the stories we read knew they were living in one of the most turbulent times in history, where things were radically changing around them – just like we are now. All the rules were shifting, and somehow in the midst of that change, they managed to find themselves and get a clear idea of ​​who they were And they had to play ball, that’s what they’re all about do more than anything. They loved the sound of the bat, the sound of the cleats. For me, and I think for Abbi, it’s life-changing to be immersed in those stories. We just want that share the same feeling with everyone.”

The new series still doesn’t have an exact release date, but is expected to premiere on Prime Video sometime in the summer. With that in mind, it probably won’t be long before a trailer for the series is released to give a real first look at what to expect when the series arrives.


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