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Best Characters in the Series, Ranked by Likability

Squid Game is the popular South Korean Netflix series that revolves around individuals who choose to participate in a series of deadly games for a lot of prize money to pay off their debts and then some. The series has been widely acclaimed for its critique of class inequality and capitalism in South Korea. To date, according to ForbesSquid Game is the most-watched series on Netflix in 94 countries. Squid Game has won a number of accolades, including a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for O Yeong-su and landmark SAG awards for Lee Jung-jae and Jung Ho-yeon.

With season two of Squid Game in the works, fans of the show anticipate what Hwang Dong-Hyuk will bring next. Many fans have even theorized that BTS’ Kim Taehyung could make an appearance in the second season. Unfortunately, per game radar, the second season won’t be completed until 2024 and with all the excitement going around, it’s only fair to go back and enjoy the first season one more time, taking a closer look at the story and especially the characters. These are the best characters in Squid Gameranked by sympathy from worst to best.

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9 Jang Deok-Su

A notorious mobster boss in South Korea, Jang Deok-su (Heo Sung-tae), chose to join the game to pay off debts to the mafia and a Philippine casino. This sociopathic man kills players without a second thought to get closer to winning the prize money or simply because he wants to express his anger. His sadistic tendencies lead him to play mind games with Han Mi-nyeo and constantly threaten Sae-byeok. Deok-Su has no interchangeable traits at all and no matter how tough he acts, he is terrified of death, and he would never sacrifice himself for anyone and would rather take everyone down with him. Deok-su is the most hated character of Squid Game and fans everywhere triumphed when Mi-nyeo took him down.

8 Oh Il-Nam

Player 001 or Oh Il-Nam (O Yeong-su) is an old man with an inoperable brain tumor. He is an endearing character and very nice from the start, eventually declaring Gi-hun to be his “gganbu”, a Korean term for a good friend. Many fans were devastated by his death. However, when Gi-hun receives a card with the word “gganbu” on it and gives him an address, and he arrives at the address, he discovers Oh Il-nam on his deathbed. In addition, it has been revealed that Il-nam was the one who orchestrated the Squid Game and while telling Gi-Hun his goal of holding the Squid Game, Gi-hun was still disgusted by Il-nam’s behavior. Il-nam’s puppet show makes him one of the most despicable characters in Squid Game

7 Cho Sang-Woo

Gi-hun’s childhood best friend Cho Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo) makes an appearance on the Squid Game. Gi-hun sings Sang-woo’s praises until it is revealed that Sang-woo has won billions and is wanted by the police for fraud. Sang-woo’s only hope of staying out of jail is to win the Squid Game. Sang-woo is a truly horrible person who manipulates his way in order to survive, betraying Ali Abdul, leading to his unfortunate death. He also went on to kill Player 017 on the Glass Stepping Stones, then stab Kang Sae-byeok. Sang-woo is a selfish coward who deserved his fate after what he did.

6 Han Mi-nyeo

Han Mi-nyeo is a bit of a bum everywhere Squid Game† Initially, she joined the game to pay off her debts so that she can take care of her unnamed child, but Mi-nyeo gains sympathy from many of the players until they realize that her selfishness may mean that she never wanted the child and that she only competed for sympathy . Her loyalties shift from Deok-su to Gi-hun after she is betrayed by him. Mi-nyeo is a manipulative woman who bullies others to get what she wants and boost her own ego. More annoying than evil, Han Mi-nyeo is known for her big mouth, but fans rejoiced when she grabbed Deok-su on the glass stepping stones, causing them both to drop dead.

5 Ji-Yeong

While Ji-yeong’s time is on Squid Game is relatively short-lived, she is a very likeable character. She joined Gi-hun’s tug-of-war team and became an ally. Ji-yeong suffered a lot of physical abuse before finally killing her father after he killed her mother, an act for which she was imprisoned. After talking to Seo-byeok about their reasons for joining the game, Ji-yeong admits that if she made it to the Squid Game, she wouldn’t know what to do with her winnings, while Kang Sae-byeok has a plan. Ji-yeong chooses to sacrifice herself so that Seo-Byeok can live and reunite her family, leading to Ji-yeong’s soul-crushing death.

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4 Seong Gi Hun

The main character of Squid Game is Seong Gi-hun, a divorced father and driver who is a compulsive gambler. Seong Gi-hun is invited to join the squid game to pay off his debt so that he can keep his daughter in the country. Although Gi-hun has a good heart, he takes advantage of his mother’s kindness by regularly taking money from her while trying to be a good father to his daughter. Gi-hun protects his family and friends and proves loyal to his team when they are formed. Despite his mistakes, Gi-hun tries to improve himself. After winning the Squid Game, he initially does nothing with his winnings. He chooses to follow a path of self-destruction until meeting Il-nam, which is when he decides to give his money away to Sang-woo’s mother and returns to the Squid Game.

3 Kang Sae Byeok

Kang Sae-byeok, a cold-blooded and strong woman, is a North Korean defector who left the country with her parents and younger brother. Unfortunately, they were caught on their way out, leading to the death of her father and her mother who was caught and sent to China. Sae-byeok entered the games to earn enough money to reunite her family. Although she hardly expresses any emotion, she is a determined player who remains calm in difficult situations. This, combined with her pure motives for winning the game, makes her one of the most likeable characters in the series. Fans were devastated when Sang-woo stabbed Sae-byeok in the neck the night before the final match and as a result of her previous injury, she lost too much blood and died.

2 Abdul Ali

Abdul Ali is a migrant worker from Pakistan who came to South Korea hoping to build a better life for his wife and child. As a migrant worker, he barely earns enough to make ends meet, and by participating in the Squid Game, he can provide for his family. Ali is an optimistic and trusting person who only expects good things and believes in the ultimate goodness of people. Ali is a very polite and friendly person who saves Gi-hun from termination during the first game, and he values ​​other people’s lives as much as his own. His naivety partly leads to his death when Sang-woo convinces Ali that there is a way for both of them to win at the Marbles game. When Sang-woo hands in his marbles, Ali continues to yell Sang-woo until he is killed. Ali’s death was probably one of the most heartbreaking of all other deaths in Squid Game

1 Hwang Jun-Ho

Hwang Jun-Ho (Wi Ha-joon) joins the series as a police officer to whom Gi-Hun reports the activities of the Squid Game. When Gi-hun leaves the card at the police station, Jun-ho discovers that his brother is also missing with the same card in his apartment. As a result, Jun-ho sneaks into the compound where the games are taking place and infiltrates to find out what’s really going on and find his brother. Although Jun-ho does not participate in the games, he is an honorable character who hopes to report the goings-on to his police station and put an end to the horrific actions that take place. The popularity of Hwang Jun-ho has led many fans to believe that he is not actually dead and that he somehow survived the encounter with the Front Man.

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