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Best Horror Movies About Creepy Dolls, Ranked

2022 is the year of horror movies – from Umma until scream, it seems that there will be no shortage of tension. And who can forget those crazy, silent and scary dolls? Although there may not be reboot of the famous Child‘s PlayThere are many productions from the past that are just as good to look forward to. Fans agree that there is something disturbing about movies based on scary dolls.

Whether it’s the psychological response to a doll’s real-life face, or movies that have implanted fear in viewers’ hearts, one thing is certain: dolls are scary. Yet they are the reasons why moviegoers keep returning to the theater. After all, nothing is better than a group of friends sitting together with a bucket of popcorn, waiting to enjoy the thrills that come with watching horror movies.

The most famous dolls with terrifying features are Annabelle and Chucky, but others can be just as frightening. Early next year, James Wan will write and produce a new killer puppet film titled M3GAN† Here are some of the best horror movies about scary dolls, ranked.


7 The Boy (2016)

There’s nothing more bizarre than a nanny looking after a well-dressed, life-sized doll. the boy is a story about an elderly couple who lost their son at a young age and decided to raise a plastic doll instead. They treat him like their son and even hire a private nanny to take care of him while they are away. Needless to say, things take a strange turn when the nanny is left alone with the china doll. From locking her up in the attic to stealing her clothes while taking a shower. Later in the film, it is revealed that there is a lot more going on with the boy.

6 Puppet Master Series (1989-2022)

Some B-rated horror movies manage to exceed the mark when it comes to terrifying the audience. Puppeteer is such a movie. It’s hard to miss inanimate dolls suddenly thirsting for human flesh.

The film begins when Alex Whitaker, a psychic, has terrifying visions and leads a group of known psychics to an inn. There they find a man who committed suicide. These professionals then watch a series of disturbing visions come true one by one. Realizing the sinister aura in their environment, they are hunted by a gang of anthropomorphic puppets.

Each doll is animated by an Egyptian spell cast by a twisted puppeteer, Andre Toulon. This allows each doll to carry a different weapon and seek out people who are evil.


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5 Magic (1978)

Magic, starring Anthony Hopkins, is about a struggling magician with serious mental problems. After failing at his previous job, he worked his way up to stardom, leveraging his talent as a ventriloquist. He is joined by a quirky doll named Fats, who seems to be a very controlling entity for Corky. It is later revealed that the doll is not possessed but is an actual split personality of the main character who has an evil idea of ​​life for his partner.

4 Poltergeist (1982)

poltergeist is about an evil entity who, as the title suggests, hides in various household objects. A terrifying clown doll is one of them. Forget Pennywise, this porcelain toy acts as the face of the ghost and terrorizes the family that had just moved in. Judging by the face of this sinister clown, it’s no wonder the family is scared.

For those who are fans of movies that show exorcism and ghostly action, then poltergeist is the one to watch.

3 Saw franchise (2004-2021)

Although Billy from the Saw franchise is more of a puppet than a possessed doll, he has no trouble keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. He turns out to be one of the most terrifying characters on screen; with his deep, raspy voice, terrifying features and gruesome torture methods.

The Saw movies can be divided into three eras. However, they all have similar characteristics; detailed traps, flashbacks, self-mutilation and even creative gags. Fans of the torture genre can look forward to this puzzle-filled and unforgiving series of films.


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2 The Annabelle Franchise (2014 to 2019)

Annabelle is a doll that no one should mess with. She is the latest addition to the scariest dolls in the horror genre. AnnabelleAnnabelle Creationand Annabelle comes home are the three sequels of her first appearance in the incantation

Annabelle is an old wooden doll possessed by a demonic spirit, Malthus. She wears a white dress and has the features of a vintage doll. The film begins when a newlywed couple takes home a vintage doll. However, their happiness does not last long. Throughout the film, she tends to move around the house when no one is looking. She also commits various acts of violence, such as lighting the stove or smearing bloody words on the wall. The situation gets worse when Annabelle asks for a soul in exchange for the couple’s child.

1 Children’s Play Franchise (1988-2022)

A list of movies based on scary dolls wouldn’t be complete without mentioning child’s play† Chucky is by far the most popular scary doll on the big screen. He has the exterior of a cute children’s toy and the interior of a dead serial killer, complete with a strong desire to kill. Although his primary goal was to bring his soul into a child’s body, he developed a desire to kill after failing to do so.

Chucky wants to kill multiple times in the Child’s Play franchise. The good thing about this franchise is that while the basics are similar to the original movie, the following installments introduce new concepts and characters. It balances the best of comedy, occultism, horror and murder.

Chucky Devon Sawa

Devon Sawa returns as new character in Chucky season 2

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