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Day One’ Director Michael Sarnoski is the Perfect Choice

The quietly gruesome, post-apocalyptic landscape of A quiet place will continue to haunt the public again in 2023. The first two films were directed by The office star John Krasinski, who relented in a screen frenzy interview admitted he took inspiration from his “new parent terror” after his wife, Emily Blunt, gave birth to their second daughter. The franchise so far has certainly been based on parental anxiety and inspires curiosity about what the spin-off, A quiet place: day onewill resemble.

In 2021 Krasinski said in another screen frenzy interview that he was “ecstatic” about Jeff Nichols taking over the third episode, and that Nichols would “use exactly the kind of paint you’re looking for in a quiet place,“Since then, however, Nichols has stepped down from the project to make way for an up-and-coming director” Michael Sarnoskic† Sarnoski is best known for the 2021 film Pigstarring Nicolas Cage, Alex Wolff and Adam Arkin. Pig Written and directed by Sarnoski, it contains the same awkward tone audiences will be looking for in the next A quiet place installment.


So far, the franchise has established that the Abbott family exists in a post-apocalyptic world with their three children, one of whom is deaf. The most disturbing thing about this world is that it is inhabited by blind, hungry creatures with powerful hearing. The Abbotts are doomed to live in dense silence to stay alive and go undetected. In the second film, the Abbott family continues without Patriarch Lee (John Krasinski), and there are flashbacks to explain more about the alien takeover. The characters look for other survivors and the ending is left open for a possible continuation.

A quiet place: day one hasn’t been described as anything other than a “spin-off” that will ostensibly follow several survivors, so it’s hard to tell if the same characters will return or if it’ll be a completely different story. Either way, with Michael Sarnoski heading the next installment, the movie is sure to be a hit. This is why Michael Sarnoski is the ideal director for: A quiet place: day one

Pig is a thriller but has emotional depth

Although the silent place movies are classified as horror movies, there is an emotional depth to the movies that adds to the terrifying nature of that reality. Despite going to great lengths to protect each other and keep quiet, the Abbotts suffer some losses and must grieve in silence. Without this attention to the way characters grieve, A quiet place wouldn’t be the success it was. Michael Sarnoski’s Pig also contains this emotional struggle.

The film follows an isolated old man, brilliantly played by Nicolas Cage, who uses a pig to forage for truffles in the rural Oregon forests. When his truffle pig is stolen, the man sets out to find it. Like it A quiet placePig explores grief with a main character who chooses his words very carefully and shows little to no dialogue in most scenes.

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When Sarnoski was writing the film, he gives in a Dread Central interview that he is “in a place in” [his] live true [he] saw what grief had done to those around him? [him]† He combined this personal experience with the concept for Pig and created an effective thriller. This kind of technique is perfect for A quiet place: day one

Michael Sarnoski will direct the adaptation of the graphic novel Sabrina

Knowledge of Sarnoski’s talent is quickly spreading through the film community. The hatching of Pig proved he has tremendous flexibility and can balance drama with genre practice, something he should be doing in an upcoming adaptation. Nick Drnaso’s graphic novel Sabrina follows the story of Teddy whose girlfriend, Sabrina, goes missing. Saddened, Teddy goes to live with his recently divorced boyfriend and Air Force pilot, Calvin. A few days later, a video of Sabrina’s murder is released, forcing Teddy and Calvin to endure the aftermath.

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SabrinaThe film adaptation was announced in 2019, originally directed by Drew Goddard, but as of 2022, responsibility has passed to Sarnoski. The fact that Michael Sarnoski is assigned future thrillers indicates that he has something special to offer these works and that he feels comfortable in a predetermined universe. Simran Hans van the guard states that Sarnoski “values ​​no-frills authenticity” and has an eye for “unadorned natural beauty” that will be ideal for A quiet place: day one

Reviewers have been surprised by Sarnoski’s work so far

A review by Matt Zoller Seitz on Roger Ebert’s website describes Sarnoski’s Pig as “never move as you expect.” The film begins with an isolated man, Rob, and his pig, and viewers are never sure what reality they’ve stumbled into until Rob is forced to seek out his pet. Until Rob travels to Portland, there is a strong focus on the forest with no indication that it is set in this reality, a post-apocalyptic one, or anything else. This is exactly the kind of element of surprise (and mastery of the wooded area) that is essential for the next one A quiet place terms. Since the world is already set, Michael Sarnoski’s unpredictable creativity will keep the franchise fresh.

While Michael Sarnoski does not yet have an extensive body of work, his contributions and planned work to date have proven that he is capable of powerful films that will impress audiences. A quiet place: day one is expected to be released in the fall of 2023.

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