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Fantastic Beasts 4 in Doubt as Director David Yates Moves on to Pain Hustlers

Earlier this year, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore open to a mixed to negative response. The third installment in the Fantastic Beasts series, the Harry Potter precursor, Dumbledore’s Secrets would be followed by two more entries in the five-part series. However, after the poor reception at the box office of this last entry, the chances of Fantastic Beasts 4 which went straight into production, went down. Now David Yates’ work schedule could see the fourth film in the franchise delayed for much longer than expected.

Instead of working on Fantastic Beasts 4 (through ScreenRant), Yates plans to finish directing the criminal conspiracy film Pain Hustlers† Yates has previously directed all of the foregoing Fantastic Beasts movies and even helmed five Harry Potter movies from Order of the Phoenix† But after the previous film, Yates seems to be shifting his dedication to another place.


The fact that there is no active script for Fantastic Beasts 4 further casts a shadow on its production. The studio had pinned the franchise’s hopes on Dumbledore’s Secrets and only planned to work on the screenplay for the fourth if it becomes a box office success. Despite receiving better reviews than The Crimes of Grindelwald, the film made just $366 million against a $200 million production budget, while registering a major drop in ticket sales on its second weekend of release. That made the studio doubt whether the sequel could be on the floors.

In addition, Yates may want to try out different projects. In his film career, Yates has directed only two films outside of film wizarding world franchisee. And since taking over the directorial duties of the franchise, he has only worked on: The Legend of Tarzan and the series Tyrant out there. It’s possible Yates will try to work on the fourth Fantastic Beasts movie after Pain Hustlers as he’d previously claimed, but the poor reception of two consecutive films could make it a little difficult for the studio to produce another big-budget Wizarding World movie.

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Dumbledore’s Secret Kind concludes multiple arcs

Though the series has two more films to go before ending in a culminating battle between Mads Mikkelsen’s Grindelwald and Jude Law’s Albus Dumbledore; however, Dumbledore’s Secrets was an end to one of its phases.

In the film, Albus finds a way to break his blood bond with Grindelwald and assumes a duel with him. Although the latter escapes, Albus eventually unites Credence aka Aurelius Dumbledore with his father Desiderius. Turns out Credence wasn’t Dumbledore’s brother, but a cousin. The film also reunited Jacob and Queenie after the latter turned to Grindelwald in the previous film. It’s already been established that Dumbledore finally won against Grindelwald in 1945, which would still be nearly a decade after the third film.

The movie ended in a stalemate, but the final sequence suggested that things may have calmed down for a while. Fans would surely love a good ending to the story, but Dumbledore’s Secrets could be considered somewhat of an end to it in case the fourth film is never made.

Meanwhile, the next one from Yates will hit the floor in August this year. Pain Hustlers centers on a high school dropout who helps a failing pharmaceutical startup get off the ground but finds herself at the center of a criminal conspiracy. Emily Blunt has been cast in the lead role for the film.


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