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Kevin Spacey’s New Thriller Peter Five Eight is Heading to Cannes

Starring Kevin Spacey, Peter Five Eight will be screened in the Cannes market, where it will be sold to potential buyers.

A new thriller starring Kevin Spacey heads to Cannes. Per The Hollywood Reporterthe movie is called Peter five eight and has the controversial actor in the lead role. The film will be screened in the Cannes market, where it will be sold to buyers. The film is being financed by Mad Honey and LTD Films and is co-produced by Ascent Films and Forever Safe. VMI International acquired the worldwide sales rights.

In Peter five eightSpacey plays Peter, a “charismatic guy in a black sedan who turns up in a small mountain community.” He stars with Jet Jandreau as Sam, a “glamorous real estate agent revealed to be unhinged and a troubled alcoholic with a dark secret,” along with Rebecca De Mornay as Brenda, a woman whom Peter “red-handedly pressed for his mighty and shadowy boss, Mr. Lock.”


“Kevin was a pleasure to work with, kept everyone laughing in between takes and delivered what I think will be a surprising treat for his fans,” said director Michael Zaiko.

This isn’t the only film being offered to buyers at Cannes starring Spacey. The period film was recently reported 1242 – Gateway to the West, which follows the grandson of Genghis Khan and the stars of Spacey, will also search the market for buyers. Spacey will also not be the only person whose name has been associated with scandals selling films for sale in the Cannes market, as other titles will be bought from controversial filmmakers and actors, including Roman Polanski, Alec Baldwin, Luc Besson and James Franco.

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Kevin Spacey is acting again

These new movies for Kevin Spacey aren’t the first to come for the actor since he was leveled in 2018 on allegations of sexual assault and misconduct. At the time, he was fired from his role in the Netflix series House of cards and offers for other Hollywood films dried up quickly. Spacey has maintained his innocence from the start and has never forced himself on anyone. Lawsuits and criminal investigations have been launched as a result of these allegations, but they were all eventually dropped and Spacey has never been found guilty in any court of the alleged crimes.

Last year, Spacey announced that he would return to acting with a role in the Italian film The Man Who Drawn God† The film, starring Faye Dunaway and directed by Franco Nero, featured Spacey in the role of a police officer. As for concerns that Spacey’s involvement would be detrimental to the film’s success, Nero has previously raised the controversy, saying it would have only sparked more interest in the film from buyers.

“We have a lot of interest from buyers around the world,” he said. “All the controversy surrounding the film has sparked a lot of interest… It was good for the film, from my point of view.”

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