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Maverick’s Success Inspire More Legacy Sequels?

With positive reviews pouring in for Top Gun: Maverick, it may inspire studios to green up more sequels to 1980s properties. While 1986’s Top Gun was the highest-grossing film that year, a lot can change in thirty-six years. It will be interesting to follow the numbers of the film on the May 24th release date. The long-delayed project has been accompanied by a huge amount of hopes from major studios (and those who retain the rights to other iconic retro properties) that its success will pave the way for revisiting more classics that the public will come for.

While conversations about sequels and reboots always seem to get a mixed response, box office numbers tend to favor well-known franchises over new ideas. 1986 also saw the release of Crocodile Dundee Aliens The Karate Kid Part II and Star Trek IV all of which have seen reboots, spin-offs, and sequels in recent years. However, there remains a large stock of valuable properties that have yet to make a real comeback that could prove successful.


Another advantage some of these titles have is the sheer legacy value. Over thirty years is a long time for films that may not have found their audience on the first release. But over time, through broadcast television, video rentals and online communities, they are now considered classics, to which a sequel could potentially elicit a significant response. Let’s take a look at some of these titles and speculate on ways they could return.

Legends can be now and forever

Five months before the 1986 release top gun, another Tom Cruise film debuted with a lukewarm response. Ridley Scott’s troubled production of Legend was ridiculed by Siskel & Ebert as teenage trash that threatened the integrity of the moving image. They said the same about Hellbound: Hellraiser 2† If only the famous movie critics had lived to witness TikTok. Legend has since been regarded as a classic of fantasy films, a genre that has exploded in recent decades.

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While Legend does not have the most complex script, it is a stylistic masterpiece that everyone involved can be immensely proud of. Another part in this particular fantasy world would definitely make waves. While Ridley Scott or Tom Cruise may or may not be interested, the brand alone has a lot of value and can be easily mined for future franchise potential. Given the limitless story resources of an entire fantasy universe that Scott’s movie implies, it’s easy to imagine countless stories that could exist there.

Keep Ferris Bueller’s Adventures On

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, a 1986 John Hughes classic, is one of the most iconic films of the decade. The brand was revised in recent ads for Honda and LiftMaster with Matthew Broderick and Alan Ruck. If a good sequel has been written and harnessed the energy of Hughes’ classic film, it is certainly possible a sequel to Ferris Bueller could be devised. Ironically, both this and Legend also played Mia Sara. The most obvious spin-off would probably involve Bueller’s descendants, though an adventure with the gang in their retirement years could be hilarious if written cleverly. To date, the only John Hughes property to receive regular sequels is the Home alone franchisee.

Can Eddie Murphy bring back the golden child?

With Eddie Murphy bringing back his classic characters from Coming to America and Beverly Hills Copit is not unthinkable that The golden child could be followed up. While talking about Dwayne Johnson starring in a Big Trouble in Little China follow up has definitely done its rounds, The golden child was another well-received action comedy, anchored in Eastern mysticism, that genre fans fondly remember.

Once again, playing in the realm of fantasy and magic, there are countless ways to invent a new demonic threat that should thwart Chandler Jarrell. The film’s unique blend of urban action/comedy and oriental fantasy favors contemporary film investment, much of which comes from China. To recapture the atmosphere of these classic films, filmmakers would be wise to respect practical effects techniques and make careful decisions about music that evokes the right tone.

Wolfman’s (still) Got Nards

Few films have become cult classics like the one from 1987 The Monster Squad† With built-in 1950s and 1980s nostalgia, a sequel to this much-loved film could be a huge success if done right. With movie stars Andre Gower, Ryan Lambert and Ashley Bank making regular appearances at conventions and screenings to celebrate the film’s fandom, there’s clearly an insatiable crowd that would line up to get a seat on opening night. get it at the premiere of Monster squad 2† Gower and Henry Darrow McComas explored the power of cult film in the documentary from 2018 Wolfman’s Got Nards

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A Monster Squad sequel could easily take a cue from the successful goosebumps franchise that manages to pull every well-known horror icon into one story, bring back the classic five monsters, or even go self-referential like Gremlins 2 or the most recent Matrix installment. However it plays out, the team’s return would be a welcome addition to the modern age’s obsession with all things nostalgic.

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