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Power connections in two projects: Punjab and Haryana HC orders freezing Rs 3.65-cr in account of Bajwa Developer

The Supreme Court of Punjab and Haryana has ordered the freeze of about Rs 3.65 crore in Bajwa Developer Group’s bank account for the establishment of permanent electricity connections at two housing projects. The projects are carried out by them in Mohali’s Sector 123 and Sector 117.

While taking the injunction, the District Court of Justice Amol Rattan Singh and Judge Lalit Batra also stated that an interim injunction ordering the chairman of the PSPCL (Punjab State Power Corporation Limited) to re-establish temporary connections at both projects – that were disconnected on February 19 last year – would continue.

The Division Bench is considering petitions filed by Avinder Kumar Kalsy and others (residents of Sector-123, Mohali), and Sukhjinder Singh and others (residents of Sunny Basant-Sector 117). Both projects have been sold by Bajwa Developer Group.

The petitioners were represented by lawyers Rakesh Dhiman and Abhimanyu Kalsy.

During the re-trial of the case, the PSPCL requested the amendment/revocation of the High Court orders ordering the power company to restore the temporary power connections for the petitioners due to the fact that Bajwa Developers had not set up a light distribution system/power substation in either of the two projects who had carried it out (in which the petitioners now reside).

The Bench noted in its order: “…first, electricity is no longer a luxury but a basic necessity of life; and further, since the petitioners’ learned counsel has argued that children’s investigations are ongoing or in the near future will take place, and a lack of electricity can clearly impede their studies and consequently have a long-term effect on their career, the provisional orders directing the restoration of temporary electricity connections had passed…”

PSPCL’s counsel, meanwhile, raised a point that the temporary electricity connection would only be available for two years and since the developer of the project had not fulfilled its promise, the financial burden of providing the electricity connection could not be borne by the utility company. being carried.

The HC, in turn, said: “In order to ensure that the petitioners do not continue to suffer through no fault of their own, the fault of the developer who assigned them the houses in which they reside, we believe that a via media should be worked out .”

Bajwa Developer’s counsel argued in court that he would follow instructions and try to ensure that the light distribution system/power substations are delivered as soon as possible.

The bank hearing PSPCL’s and Bajwa Developer’s counsel noted that if they found the time frame for completing and actually making the light distribution system/power substations to be functional, the matter can be left at that for the time being, with the temporary power connections remaining to the petitioners. but at the expense of M/s Bajwa Developers, who would pay PSPCL for temporary affiliation at the stipulated rates.

Thus, the Supreme Court ordered that the developer’s accounts be frozen for an amount of Rs 3.65 crore, which, according to counsel who appeared before PSPCL, would be the amount needed to set up light distribution systems for the housing projects.

The case will then be heard for a hearing on May 16.

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