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The Best Ruth Langmore Scenes in Ozark, Ranked

It’s been a long time since television has had a character so wonderfully morally free and sassy as Ozark‘s Ruth Langmore, played to perfection by Julia Garner† Garner brings a quality to her character that is indescribable. She is wounded at times, strong, ruthless, empathetic, ambitious, murderous and loyal, but perhaps Ruth’s main drive is self-preservation. Ozark recently dropped the remaining episodes of the fourth and final season. Fans finally get to see what happens to Marty and Wendy Byrde, their kids, their floating casino on a riverboat, the drug cartel they got entangled in and, of course, Ruth Langmore.

Garner is currently also featured in Netflix’s crime documentaries invent Anna, proving that she is one of the best actors not only of her generation, but of most of the working actors today. She has a serious reach and can convey everything from murderous rage to restless stoic stoic style with ease. A beautiful woman in her own right, Garner is also not afraid to change her appearance for the characters she portrays. Her Ruth Langmore, for example, looks and sounds nothing like her Anna Delvey.

Of Ozarks Four seasons behind us, let’s take a look back at some of the best lines that Garner’s Ruth Langmore uttered, with a sort of profane grace, while we wait for news of a possible Ozark spin off.


8 “If you’re a murderer, then I’m Snow White. And I don’t see any dwarfs around.”

Season 1, Episode 5 of OzarkDubbed “Ruling Days,” Jason Bateman’s Marty Byrde finds the new owner of the town’s strip club, which he asks Ruth to run, having already recognized a ruthlessness in his young protege that would serve him well. as the series developed. This is also the episode where Bobby’s corpse is discovered on the Byrde’s wharf, causing Ruth to say, “If you’re a murderer, I’m Snow White. And I don’t see any dwarfs around.” And that’s when viewers fell in love with Ruth Langmore.

7 “You owe me a job.”

Season 1, Episode 3, was titled “My Dripping Truth,” and this early installment in the series offered viewers a glimpse into the characters’ burgeoning business relationship. In this episode, the Byrdes have just moved into their new home in the Ozarks and wrestle with what to tell their teenage children about why they left Chicago abruptly and what their children should tell other people about their move, since they certainly aren’t telling the truth. can tell.

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Marty runs the Blue Cat cafe (and boat gas station), and there he meets Ruth who tells him “You owe me a job” because Marty fired her from the motel. As a bargaining chip, Ruth threatens to tell everyone about Marty’s millions. Reluctantly, he gives her a job as a dishwasher at the cafe, preparing so much for what’s to come and establishing Ruth Langmore’s strong-willed character. The episode not only helps establish the greatness of Jason Bateman’s performance, but ultimately that of Julia Garner.

6 “What if I pop that T*ts and squeeze the silicone out?”

In Season 2 Episode 5, “Game Day,” Ruth Langmore searches a safe to make sure it contains nothing to incriminate Marty and Wendy while the FBI searches their home. A stripper named Jade from the local strip club watches, she and Ruth tell her to get lost (in a more profane way, of course). Jade says she only takes orders from her boyfriend. At this point, Ruth is out of patience, so she takes a knife out of her pocket and says, “Well, how about taking that t*ts out and squeezing the silicone out?” It’s a perfect encapsulation of her wicked sarcasm and intimidating, no-craps-given presence.

In Season 3 Episode 9, “Fire Pink”, Wendy Byrde’s bipolar brother Ben is released from the mental institution thanks to Darlene Snell. However, Ben was unable to follow the ominous instructions he was given to hide, and Ruth realizes that anyone Ben talks to increases his chances of being killed. In a move that shows her character’s empathy, she tries to hide him in Darlene and Wyatt’s house. She tells Wyatt that Ben is just as reckless as she is and says, “Everything he touches turns to dog poop. I’m starting to think we might be family.” Ruth’s self-deprecating humor is seen here as both moving and humorous.

4 “Brand It Like It’s The F**king Moët Of Dope.”

In Season 4 Episode 2, “Let The Great World Spin”, Marty tries to stop Darlene Snell’s heroin operation, even though his son whitens money for it. Marty opens drug addiction treatment centers for the addition of opioids to launder the money and manages to strike a deal between the Navarro drug cartel and a Big Pharma company. In the meantime, Ruth tries to rename Darlene’s hillbilly heroin for the hipster crowd, saying, “Burn it like it’s the goddamn Moet or dope.” Another great line comes after Wyatt and Ruth laugh at hipster heroin, saying their catchphrase could be “farm to needle.”

3 “If you want to stop me, you have to fucking kill me!”

Season 4, Episode 7, “Sanctified” Marked the Mid-Season Finale of ozark. In it, Ruth finds the dead bodies of Wyatt and Darlene and while she didn’t care much for Darlene, she is devastated by Wyatt’s death and becomes enraged when she drives to Marty and Wendy’s house to find her. who killed Wyatt and Darlene. Byrdes suspect drug cartel member Javi was behind the murders, as Darlene’s heroin trade was cutting into his profits after all. Marty tells Ruth to stay away from Javi, prompting her to say, “If you want to stop me, you gotta fucking kill me!” We feel you in this, Ruth!

2 “God is an asshole, isn’t he?”

Season 4 Episode 4, “Ace Deuce”, showed a new side of Ruth Langmore. Until now, she’s been a real spitfire with the confidence to get things done; even if she didn’t know what she was doing, she knew enough to find out along the way. In this episode, we see Ruth’s confidence waver.

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She no longer works at Byrdes’ casino and her beloved Wyatt is dead. This leads her to say, “God is an asshole, isn’t he? Made me smart enough to know how screwed up my life is, but not quite smart enough to get me out of it.” It’s a great sentence, spoken with the simultaneous intelligence, pain, and humor that Julia Garner brings into the role. Fans of Ruth don’t want this to be prophetic, but spoiler alert it most likely is.

1 “I don’t know anything about F**k.”

Season 2, Episode 10, “The Gold Coast”, delivered what some feel is such an iconic Ruth Langmore line that they’d like to have it on a t-shirt for everyday wear. When she uttered this profane little line (which really encapsulates her character), Marty tried to instruct her to take over his company. Ruth, doubting herself for a moment, told him she wasn’t sure she could handle it. It was to Marty’s credit (and sometimes a fault) that he was sure Ruth could handle what he asked of her. Then Ruth said, “I don’t know sh*t about f**k,” and instantly became a meme.

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