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Why YU-Gi-Oh! GX Deserves a Sequel Movie to Tie up Loose Ends

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX was something of a perfect sequel to the original. It featured all-new characters with an all-new cast of unique characters. It didn’t use the goodwill of the original as a crutch, but only occasionally conservatively referred to it. The maps used by the characters were for the most part brand new and reflected their personalities much more. Not only that, but the setting was something completely different. Although the quality of the writing in GX is completely subjective, there’s no denying that the third season was an exciting corruption arc bent on obscuring what was previously a light-hearted series.

Fans of GX may be surprised to learn that there is actually a fourth season that never aired outside of Japan. As a result, it never received an English dub. At the time, many people thought that the confusing and melancholy ending of season three was the… end of Jaden Yuki’s adventures† The good news is that fans can still legally stream season four on Crunchyroll. The bad news, though, is that season four also ends on a vague note.


This is why Yu-Gi-Oh! GX deserves a sequel that can dig deeper into the series’ loose ends and provide a full-blown conclusion to all fans.

Season 4 was never dubbed

As mentioned before, season four of GX never aired outside of Japan. This means that by all means, Jaden Yuki dies at the end of the series. Or at least that seems to be the implication of the dub. At the end of the third season, Jaden is engaged in an intense duel with the season’s opponent. Yubel, a scorned ghost of Duel Monsters an attempt to merge the twelve dimensions of the universe. During the duel, Yubel tries to use the extremely powerful Spell Card, Super Polymerization, to unite the twelve dimensions. The plan seems to work until Jaden activates Chain Material, which changes the goals of Super Polymerization. In an attempt to describe the mistakes of his past, Jaden fuses his mind with Yubel’s, with his unconscious smiling body falling into their arms. And that’s the last the non-Japanese public has seen of Jaden.

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However, season four reveals that Jaden was simply unconscious at the end of season three. But despite this, the English dub seems to support the idea that he might be dead. When Hassleberry, one of Jaden’s best friends, asks Syrus, Jaden’s best friend, where Jaden is, Syrus says, sobbing, “There, among the stars.” These are the last words of gx, leading fans unaware of season four to assume Jaden has passed away.

So if a movie were to be made with a worldwide release, fans of GX would be able to shut down Jaden in the language they’ve come to love him in. The film can also be structured to stand alone, not relying too heavily on the events of season four to tell a definitive end to Jaden’s journey.

Season four ends on a vague note

The last duel in season four of GX is between Jaden and Yugi/the Pharaoh from the original series. The first episode of GX was titled “The Next King of Games”, implying that Jaden would surpass Yugi. However, the duel ends in a draw, leaving it to interpretation who won. Now there is nothing wrong with telling vague stories. Many fans believe the unclear outcome is better than a potentially final one. Anyway, fans wanted to see a more concrete ending to Jaden’s story. So even if Yugi and Jaden’s duel never ends well, the series should end on a solid note for Jaden.

The duel between Yugi and Jaden had a clear meaning for Jaden. That is, learning how to enjoy dueling again. By the time he returns to the Duel Academy, Jaden is a bit jaded and hardened by the life-or-death duels he participates in throughout the series. You certainly couldn’t blame him. The most defining character trait of Jaden, however, was that he always had fun and kept a positive attitude no matter what. And so it’s a nice conclusion to get that feeling back at the end of season four. But what would be even better is to see his returned take on life in action.

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Viewers catch a glimpse of this in the film Bonds beyond the time when he works out with Yusei Yu-Gi-Oh! 5DS. The film is set well after GX; However, Jaden is not the main character, nor does he get enough time to shine which the fans are satisfied with enough. Therefore, a movie would allow audiences to see the new Jaden, one that still retains the maturity he gained in seasons three and four, but also retains his good character and funny attitude from seasons one and two.


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